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The Hero6 is here

Capture the moment

The new GoPro HERO 6 camera can capture super-slow-motion video at a high resolution, output a stabilized image in 4K, and transfer everything to your phone at faster speeds – your video can even be posted before your GoPro-documented adventure is even over if you wish. This is the only action camera that's this tiny and durable.

Very, very black

A true dark night of its era, with its sleek design, the HERO 6 is built out of a high crafted steel cage laced with midnight black gripping allowing an unprecedented durability.

Photo quality

Experience 4k quality through a new view! with a stunning 1080p quality video and photo, capturing at 120 frames per second. The HERO 6 guarantees you a full fletched realistic view of the world.

Slow things down

Shoot to thrill at your satisfaction! slow everything down with the slow-motion feature, allowing you to visualise your achievements even more. It's a breather to slow things down sometimes in a past paced world.


Touch Zoom

Bring the world forward with a simple gesture. The touch zoom feature allows you to get those shots from afar without putting yourself at risk. Don’t be a fool be a Hero!

Wide angle

Stretch the horizon, build your landscape and capture the moment. Bringing you a wide angled view through it’s enhanced lens take your Gopro anywhere and relive your experiences in its entirety.

Voice controls

Get this hand free experience and capture from angles that you couldn’t reach before.

That was sick

Tag highlights of your best moments recorded with your HERO 6 to find them easily.

Start recording

No more timers, no more buttons, your voice is the new interface. Just pronounce these words!

Take a photo

Get moving now! Your GoPro is ready to capture the things that matter to you the most.

Burst mode

Want to see a moment in all its glory? The HERO 6 will save all your moments, second by second.

Capture the moment

Live your life with your HERO 6 and capture the best moments like you never did before.

Make it awesome

Edit your takes easily with from the GoPro phone app, to make them look even better.

Share it everywhere

Post them to your social network accounts to show them to friends and families.

Join the community

GoPro heroes from around the world share their stories to our worldwide community. Be part of it and promote your best actions, stories and moments from skiing to surfing, from Australia to France.